Budapest like and major city in particular is a place where tourists may fall victim to the community of corrupt taxi drivers, restaurant owners and seemingly lovely ladies, who are working together to lighten your wallet. So It's always good to be over cautious, as even the most savvy of you travelers can get caught out.

Budapest Bill Scam

The top scam reported by many male travelers who visit Budapest is one when two super attractive women approach you in the street asking if you want to accompany them to a bar for a drink. Let's be honest, does has that ever happened to you in your country?
The next thing you know, you are enjoying a drink. When the bill arrives the intention of your new beautiful friendship is made clearly evident. Your bill could be anything between 500 - 1000 Euros and the bill will be accompanied by at least two burly Hungarian men waiting to relieve you of your money or escort you to the nearest ATM.
Taxi drivers can also be involved in a few scams. Such as suggesting bars to take you to, because they are getting a commission from the owners who are waiting to lighten your wallet.
Even though all Taxis are now yellow and should have the price displayed on the side of the car, people have noticed recently outside popular tourist areas some are not displaying prices. So don't jump in one of these and we suggest to just call one, as they gernerally arrive in a few minutes and you will not get over charged.
Recommended taxi companies such as City Taxi and Fó taxi are reliable and provided a professional safe service.

- Most of the scam places that have been reported over the last 20 years are located in Budapest's fifth district, on or near the main tourist street, the Váci utca.
- It's best to avoid bars and clubs that can't be easily accessed from street level, for example a place that you can only get to by elevator.
Streetwalkers are now more apparent around more and more tourist areas these days in Budapest, they will try to lure you into buildings/stairwells for oral or full sex.
Over the years there have been reported nightmare stories such as the British man found dead at the bottom of a stairwell on a stag do with his trousers round his ankles. man-on-stag-do-was-found-dead
There a many websites offering sex profile pages of girls located in apartments. This can be a little dicey, as you never know what will happen when you get into their premises.
Foreign Reports of inviting you in to the apartment and there being a different girl saying "oh she is not here right now, but I am available". (bait and switch - not the attractive girl you thought you were going to meet).
They may be try to charge you a fee for not taking her, if the apartment is hosted by a bodyguards.
Escort Agencies or websites offering Independent escorts would be a better choice. They focus on outcall to you and at least you can turn them away from your place if it's not the girl you intended to meet.
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