Aloe Vera Massage

It permeates the skin four times as fast as water. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, amino-acids and enzymes. It contains over 200 active ingredients. Its four main characteristics are the following: anthropologist, fungicidal, antibiotic and recuperative effects. It does not contain any essence of perfume.
Aloe vera is said to encourage skin rejuvenation, healing of wounds and treatment of sunburn and is also used to help in relieving arthritis pain, improving blood circulation, reducing scarring, and has anti-inflammatory properties.
It has been known for generations as an excellent plant to have around to help reduce inflammation, pain and itching, to accelerate wound healing, a superb penetrating moisturizing agent, helping to stimulate the body's immune system while being naturally hypoallergenic with about the same pH balance of the skin.
Aloe vera massage oil has great healing qualities which makes it a good choice to use on its own, or to include when mixing a massage oil or preparing a carrier oil blend for aromatherapy massage.
-With orange and cinnamon: Orange oil reestablishes the balance of dry or oily skin.
It improves the blood supply of body surface. Moreover, it helps the healing of cellulite (orange peel syndrome)- It also increases sweating - consequently, it supports clearing toxic substances from the skin, which otherwise has a slow metabolism. it is a natural complementary material for fasting.
-With peppermint and rosemary: Peppermint oil relaxes stressed muscles, lessens muscle pain and soothes sun burnt skin.
Rosemary oil stimulates the circulation of blood, it decreases pain and swellings caused by arthritis, it works like an antispasmodic material, and it has a good effect on sprained joints and wounds. We also recommend using them during the period of physio-therapeutic treatment, or, after hard physical work or training.
-With meliorate and marigold: Meliorate oil has got re-freshening, revitalizing and relaxing effects.
Many people believe that it helps to stay young. Marigold was already known as a strong antiseptic and fungicidal material at the time of our ancestors.
It contains a large amount of pro vitamin of vitamin A. We recommend it for refreshing massage or any dermatological problems.
-With banded mongoose and apricot: Massage oil containing banded mongoose and apricot aroma will charm you by creating a nice atmosphere, which will help you get away from it all.
Vitamins of this aromatic oil will provide your skin with refreshment, nourishment and hydration, which will make it soft and silky.
- With coconut: It will do away with your wrinkles, it will nourish your skin and make it tight.
It can be very effective for treating various dermatological diseases such as shingles, eczema and other infections.
Coconut oil is 92% saturated, unlike other oils, it resists oxidation caused by heat or light to a great extent.
Saturated fatty acids do not create free radicals that are harmful to cells or trans fat which damages cells and cause cancer. For this reason coconut oil applied on our skin decreases the speed of aging of cells.
Coconut oil contains 50% la-uric acid, which can also be found in mother's milk and protects newborn babies against pathogens.

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