Japanese Meridian Massage

It is a complex joint dislodging kneading method containing elements of energetics whose purpose is to preserve and restore harmony in the body.
It is aimed at treating static, energetic, muscular balance and activating the power used for psychotherapy.
These treatments do not only put en end to pain, but they also increase the level of vitality and immunity from stress.
It increases the tolerance of stress, it improves mental fitness and emotional balance.

The Japanese believe there to be twelve meridian channels throughout the entire body each one of these relates to a particular organ of the body that these channels allow energy to course through these organs. When people become ill it is thought there has been a disruption of this energy or a blockage of this energy.
The purpose of these channels is to control movement in the body, join the arms, head and legs to the rest of the body and regulate the organs to the body.
These channels are not only connected to the organs but also conform to the eastern way of thinking of function of the organs.
For example the large intestine's function is secretion, so it is therefore related emotionally to loss; the person who is frugal with money can suffer from constipation.
This to the eastern philosophy is connected in the theory of spending a lot of money can cause problems with the large intestine, i.e. constipation.

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