Prana Nadi Massage

Prananadi Massage supports life-sustaining processes, taking effect on all levels.
It accustomsitself to the personal needs of all living and non-living organisms. It supports personal development and affects healing procedures positively, eases painand helpsto counter fear, anger, anxiety, depression and worries.
It helps overcoming physical and mental burdens and improves our positive attitude to other human beings, helping us to know ourselves better and fit in more easily.
The first written memories from natural healing methods dates back to 3,000 years ago.
Prananadi is the powerful energy permeating everything, which suits the individual needs of all living things and inanimate objects.
It supports the process of personal development and is has a positive influence on recovery, as it soothes pain and helps fight against fear, anger, depression and anxiety.
It helps to cope with physical and psychological difficulties. It helps people to adapt themselves to new situations or to start getting to know themselves better (self-knowledge).

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