Lava Rock Massage

Lava rock massage provides tranquillity and total relaxation - we get into a dreamlike state of mind. The rhythm of movements and the power of rocks creates a unique experience of relaxation for our body.
During the time of the massage very slow waving and circular movements are applied, whose fondling effect leads to an experience of warmth and another positive effect of the therapy is that chakras open in the body, due to the heat.
Consequently, the energy of vitality can flow in a harmonic current, which will let he body end up in the state perfect relaxation.
The whole treatment has got a special rhythm.
During the treatment muscles are rubbed and kneaded with warm stones followed up with a hand massage. Heat combined with massage grips enhances the circulation of blood, it stimulates energy homeostasis and relaxes muscles very efficiently.
With the help of this massage, muscle pain will be eliminated, metabolic processes will speed up and detoxification of the body will start. This process harmonizes body and soul. Lava whim stones have a higher-than-average iron content - therefore their magnetic effect might also enhance relaxation.
Masseuses place several stones on the client's back, belly, thighs, palms (meridian points) and among his/her toes helping relaxation and the flow of the energy of vitality.

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