Yumeiho Massage

Traditional oriental massage systems are based on the meridian system and its energetic regularity.
According to this theory prana-energy circulates in nadis in a 24-hour cycle. If the flow of energies is not obstructed in any way, it means that the person is healthy.
If symmetrical muscles and connective tissues of the body are loose, the person's lymph and energy circulation is perfect, according to this theory he/she cannot get ill at all. However, if the energy flow gets blocked by any reason, an illness can show up in the particular area of the body.
Yumeiho searches for the reasons for energy blocks in the asymmetrical nature of the body. Naturally, energy blocks can also be caused by psychological reasons.
Yumeiho therapy combines three techniques that are used in all oriental ways of massage that relaxes tight muscles, improves the circulation of blood and stimulates lymph circulation and metabolism.
Acupressure is a method helping energy flow in the body and manual therapeutic grips put joints back to their appropriate position. The manual therapeutic procedures, applied to prophylactic or corrective purposes within the Yumeiho therapy, consist of: osteoarticular manipulation techniques and passive myo-articular gym; point therapy procedures (virtually similar to those used in acupressure and reflexotherapy); special massage techniques and procedures; stretching elements (stretches, elongations); correction and balancing methods of posture, walking and rest positions; optimization exercises of the biomechanics of the locomotor system.
This massage combines the traditional and oriental techniques with modern methods.
The main goal of the Yumeiho is to correct the position of the pelvic bone.
The therapist uses special streching and rocking movements combined with compressive technique on the meridians.
During the therapy the customer wears casual clothes and lying on the mattress on the floor.

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