Medicinal Massage

Medicinal massage, besides easing complaints, stimulates the circulation of blood and metabolism.
It relaxes muscles, increases performance and it has a positive effect on our immune system. It has got a twofold painkilling effect.
First it prevents painful stimuli from getting to the brain due to its effect on terminal nerves - so its painkilling mechanism is similar to that of painkiller tablets.
Furthermore, it makes the brain produce more endorphins through mechanical effects in special areas, which has a painkilling effect on our system. The relaxing effect of medicinal massage is well-known, as the relaxation of muscles eases stress. Medicinal massage is usually used in combination with other therapeutic procedures (e.g. physiotheraphy), but it can also be used as a standalone treatment. Another name of medicinal massage is medical massage.
This name reflects the effort to ensure that the treatment is carried out by the medical masseur after a consultation and by the surveillance of the doctor.
The purpose of the treatment is the cure; during the treatments the rebuilding of the patient's psychic equilibrium shall be supported. Indications:
Rheumatic diseases (lumbago, sciatica, degenerative diseases of the vertebrae), orthopaedic diseases (scoliosis, flat feet, dislocation, rehabilitation), partial paralyses, after a stroke, peripheral circulatory failures, stress relief, headache treatment, chronic fatigue.

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